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Molly Allen





Birthday: 5/23

Hometown:  Chicago, but grew up in LA

Family: Son Jake, Husband Kevin

Pets: Kitty- Bandit, Doggy - Romeo

Hobbies: Golf, Tennis, Karaoke

Last Job before radio: Waitress/ pre school teacher

Job you would have if you were not in radio: I would want to work for the airlines!

1st Concert: The Cars, Candy O tour

I can't make it through the day without...Coffee! some sort of excercise, and a few cigarettes

Fun Fact: I am an aviation geek. I love airplanes.

Favorite 3 Bands: Pink, Aerosmith, Brandi Carlisle

DVD you would actually pay for instead of begging the Promotions Department for a free copy:  The Hangover

3 CD's everybody should own: Black Eyed Peas, Pink, Brandi Carlisle

Links/Favorite Websites: I don't know how to use the computer very well.

If you were to break into my car, you'd find this under the seat: You break into my car...I'll kill ya.